Want to know more about Toronto GTA Security Training?  Want to know the process of getting your security guard license?  Here are the most common questions we get!

Toronto GTA Security Training is an independent learning provider under contract with a licensed security guard agency in Ontario.  We provide the 40 hour Ontario Security Guard training as prescribed by The Ministry of Private Security and Investigative Services Act 2005.  We provide security guard training, and first aid & CPR training.

We have been providing security guard training and first aid training since 2012.

The cost is $123.49, or $64.99 with no first aid and CPR.

We have a blended course consisting of 32 hours of on-line training + 8 hours in-class training.

Sorry, we do not.  The course is designed to keep costs low.  Therefore we offer 32 hours on-line + 8 hours in-class.

Yes, assuming you have valid first aid training.  If you do not, you have to come in for 1 day to do the first aid and CPR training.

Yes, a valid first aid and CPR certificate is required for your security guard license. Emergency first aid and CPR level C is the minimum requirement.

Emergency first aid and CPR with AED level C is the minimum.

If you have Standard first aid, that is fine as well because it is superior to emergency first aid.

CPR with no first aid is not sufficient, nor is level A or B.  It must be level C.

As long as it is WSIB approved and will not expire for at least 6 months, it will be accepted and you will be omitted from re-doing the first aid course.

The Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, and Heart and Stroke Foundation are the three biggest first aid program providers in Canada, but there are more that are WSIB approved.

Toronto GTA Security Training empoys talented web programmers who design the academy’s LMS to be as innovative and intuitive as possible.  Our lessons are easy to follow, and illustrate a clear path to student’s progress, and when you will finish the 32 hours.  Our LMS platform includes:

  • End of module quizes.
  • Fill in the blank lessons.
  • Video lessons.
  • Report writing lessons.
  • Brainstorming scenarios.
  • 100 question practice quiz.
  • 24 hour free tech support via web form.

Yes, it is mandatory.  All students must fill one out.

Yes, we have a 97 question practice exam.  You must achieve 70% or above to pass.  Don’t worry if you don’t get 75% or more.  We offer unlimited tries free of charge!

You can do it again as mush as you wish free of charge.  We email you your results asap as soon as you submit your test.

Congratulations!  Toronto GTA Security Training will now issue you a training completion number and certificate.  This 8 digit number has been generated from the Ministry’s website that acts as proof that you have passed the prescribed training in order to become a security guard.

The next step is to book your Ministry exam!

Serco Canada will email you inviting you to book a test at one of their test centres:

  1. Enter your training completion number.
  2. Verify your information is correct.
  3. Select a date, time, and location by entering in your postal code.  A map will show you a list of locations closest to you, including times and dates.
  4. Select a time, date, and location.
  5. Make payment via their website.  Cost is $67.50 + HST per booking.

It is done at your local drive test centre, the same centre where people write their driving test.  When you enter in your postal code, a map will show up with the closest locations.  Pick your preferred location, date, and time.

Yes, unfortunately you do.  Our practice test is noted to be harder so if you pass our practice test, you should have no issues with the Ministry test!

Congratulations, you are almost there!

Your final step is to apply for your license at ServiceOntario.  

The fee paid to ServiceOntario is $80.00 which covers your background check, and card that will come in the mail.

You can only mail or apply online.  ServiceOntario does not accept walk ins at any of their ServiceOntario locations.

You bet!  You an book an appointment to get the following done at out office:

  1. Guarantor form (mandatory).
  2. Passport photograph (mandatory, $25 value free of charge).
  3. Scan of documents.
  4. ServiceOntario link to upload your scanned documents.

Right away if you applied online.  Basically you just log back in, download a digital copy of your security guard license.  This is a temporary license while you wait for your permanent card comes in the mail.  After your permanent card comes in, you destroy your temporary license.

You have a total of 6 months from the date or registration to fully complete the security guard training.

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