Great! You have successfully sent in your request to attend a first aid and CPR class!

Now remember, your submission is no guarantee that you will be booked in for that date slot.  Classes can be sold out on a specific date.

If a class is sold out, we will inform you about the sold out class, inform you on alternative dates, and allow you to select another date.

To start the blended online first aid and CPR training, the security guard company MUST MANUALLY send it to you.  If you do not get an email from The Canadian Red Cross in 24 hours, please email us in the chat support ticket page and request it!

The email from The Canadian Red Cross has a subject line of: “Your Red Cross training registration CRM:” Please check your junk folder since it often gets filtered as junk.

Please do NOT come to the class without this completion certificate.  The most common issue is security guard students think the online security guard course must be completed.  This is NOT THE CASE.  This first aid and CPR blended online component is NOT RELATED and SEPARATE from your security guard online training.

On July 20, three students were denied entry due to failure to complete the blended first aid and CPR course and had to re-book the course with a $65 re-booking fee.  Please do not be unprepared like them and just show up unprepared.

It is your responsibility to show the instructor your completion certificate for blended online first aid.  A sample certificate is below:

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