Our Training Academy Policies:

Last updated: April 4, 2020

  1. Refunds and / or cancellation of an in-class session will be honored if at least 72 hours notice is provided.  A $25 administration fee applies.  The academy reserves the right to refuse any refund request if it is less than 48 hours.


  2. Refund will not be honored if participant has already cancelled and/or postponed a confirmed date prior, or if a “no show” or insufficient notice of a cancellation has been occurred.


  3. Any premium support toll charges must be paid in full when arriving for their first aid class.  If a premium support toll charge is accumulated after their first aid course, the balance must be paid in full prior to the academy issuing their training completion number (TCN).


  4. All participants have up to 6 months from the date of registration to successfully complete the security guard program.  The training is considered as expired after 6 months and another registration fee needs to be paid to re-activate the training.
  5. A “no show,” or absence with insufficient notice of the in-class first aid course will result in an immediate freeze for the on-line training.  The student’s account will be on hold pending the $40 “no show” or re-booking fee.  The $40 fee must be paid in full before the account is reactivated.


  6. Any no show charges not cleared within 14 calendar days can result in the cancellation of their security guard training with no refund provided.

  7. Anyone can be denied entry or ejected during the course for behaviour which is determined to be boisterous, disruptive to the class, rude, and / or hostile.  This includes (but not limited to) disrupting the classroom for whatever reason, swearing, cursing, excessive arguing, intimidation, poor manners, not paying attention to on site staff, intimidation, ultimatums, sleeping during the course, refusal to learn, poor effort to learn, excessive chatting that disrupts the class or the student’s learning experience, excessive breaks / lunches not in accordance to the training break and meal standards, and refusal to follow instructor directives, etc.


  8. Refunds will not get honored for any participant not following protocols of our academy, as well as any legislation by The Ministry of Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Branch of Ontario.

  9. All reported absences must be done either via e-mail or voicemail via telephone.  There must be a record of the student informing the academy of an impending absence.  A missed call will not count. You must leave a voicemail if no one answers or send us an e-mail using the support ticket web page.


  10. Please note that all our calls are recorded for quality assurance, training, and verification purposes.  We record all call logs, recordings, and voicemails on our communications server.  In the event of a dispute from a student who claims to call and left a voicemail, we have the ability to verify if a call was made or not, and access the audio recording.

  11. Failure to complete the on-line component of any blended class is not an excuse to cancel or postpone a course.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they allow enough time to complete their on-line learning.  On average, it takes 4 hours to fully complete it.  Failure to complete any online blended component will result in a denial of entry at the door of your in class component.  A $40 re-booking fee will apply in such case.

  12. Toronto GTA Security Training will not be held responsible for any cancellations due to any unforeseen circumstances, such as (but not limited to) forced majure, and any pandemic which unexpectedly closes it facility.


  13. In the event of a missed class due to a communicable illness, the participant must show proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to coming to the class.  This is to ensure the safety of all participants at the classroom is not comprised.


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