Let’s book your first aid and CPR course!

Please note that you can do your in-class first aid training at anytime.  You do not need to wait until Module 12.  Let’s reserve you a seat now!

Our first aid and CPR courses are done at:

7250 Keele Street, Unit 239
Improve Canada Shopping Mall
Toronto/Vaughan border, just north of Keele Street and Steeles Avenue, L4K 1Z8
1 bus from Pioneer Village TTC Subway Station

If travelling by bus, please go to Pioneer Village Subway Station, transfer to York Transit bus routes 107, 107B, or 096.

If travelling by car, please park and enter from entrance F.

10:00am-3:30pm every Monday, Friday, and Saturday
Conducted by The Canadian Red Cross Society


Please note that as of July 20, 2020, The Canadian Red Cross has changed their first aid and CPR programs to minimize in class teaching, in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19.  The changes are below:

  • Online blended first aid and CPR component is done before coming in for your in class course.  This blended component consists of theory, online lecture, and video training.
  • A short quiz at the end of the blended online component.
  • A first aid completion certificate generated at the completion of the blended online learning component.
This is a sample completion certificate of your online first aid component:

This certificate MUST be shown to the instructor prior to entry.  Anyone coming to a first aid class unprepared will be denied entry.  There are NO exceptions.  Please allow on average 4 hours to complete the online blended component. You can take pauses in between the course and finish it over a course of a few hours, or even a few days.

Students are being denied entry due to coming late!

Frankly, we are getting complaints from the Canadian Red Cross about students that we send to their facility who are getting denied entry because they have arrived late.  Please note that The Canadian Red Cross has strict attendance policies and clearly specify that 100% attendance is MANDATORY.  There are NO exceptions.  The rule that they have is if:

  1. The time is 30 minutes past the start time


  2. The class has already progressed to chapter 2 or beyond chapter 2.

The doors are closed and no one can be admitted.

The issue with our students getting denied is becoming such a huge issue to the point where the instructor is being harassed, pressured, and intimidated, which delays the class and negatively degrades the learning experience.

Moving forward, effective October 28, 2020, anyone who is denied entry and berates the instructor will be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from the course.  It is against our academy policies and their academy policies to ignore academy instructions, intimidate, berate, and / or pressure staff.  The instructor does NOT have the authority to admit people in past the deadline.

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