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1. What is an example of negligence while on duty?


2. What are some basic patrol principles?


3. What do we have to make sure during a shift handover?


4. What would be a major safety hazard while on patrol?


5. During fire patrol, what would NOT constitute as a fire hazard?


6. Are security guards allowed to physically search people?


7. What is the purpose of a pass-on book?


8. How do security guards handle subjects under the influence of narcotics?


9. What is the 10 code for “acknowledgement?”


10. Access control: What are you controlling while on duty?


11. Interpret 3:30pm in 24 hours time:


12. What is a visitor’s log book?


13. What is the 10 code for “what is your location?”


14. What are the protocols for deliveries and parcels?


15. The three purposes of patrol are to protect:


16. The letter N is phonetically interpreted as:


17. What type of equipment would you NOT need while on patrol?


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