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This is a sample daily activity report (or DAR) by a typical security company. Every security company will have their unique way of recording information on their forms, but all of it is self explanatory.  By law, a security guard must write a daily activity report to record all the events for his/her shift.  Even if the shift went uneventful, by default, there must be at least one entry per hour.

On this daily activity report, the form is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Top section: Reserved for information such as guard name, site location, and occurrence codes.
  2. Left section: Reserved for the time.
  3. Right section: Where the guard writes his/her entry.
  4. Bottom section: Signatures and check end of shift checklists.

This sample special incident report (or SIR), is only written if something significant happens that needs to be explained in greater detail, and for the client and the security company to be aware of for follow-up.  

Some examples of when to write  a special incident report are:

  1. A major fire.
  2. An arrest.
  3. A crime has been committed.
  4. A flood.
  5. Serious damage noted while on patrol.

Your memo book must be kept on you at all times to write your notes.  Although this memo book is not your official report, your memo book is still a legal document that can be used in a court proceeding.  Please only write work related notes. Do not write any personal related notes, or rip any pages out.

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